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prison bitch lyrics

rodney carrington
Artist: rodney carrington
Song: prison bitch
they say our love is taboo
that what were doing is wrong
but i dont care what they say cause my love is so strong
they tell us we should be ashamed
were not husband and wife
but i cherish each moment with you
im so glad your in my life

your my prison bitch
my prison bitch your not like other men
i'm glad we share a prison cell when lights go out at ten
i cant escape the way i feel now that well be a crime
as long as i am doing you i dont mind doing time
cause your my
prison bitch
my prison bitch
and i have no regrets, i got you for a candy bar and a pack of cigarettes
at first you were resistant but now you are my friend
i knew that i would get you in the end

prison bitch
prison bitch
i guess that you were sent from up-above
prison bitch
prison bitch
and now you are my prisoner of love

(verse 2:prison bitch)
im your prison bitch
your prison bitch
and your a sex machine
i only had but one request
how bout some vasaline(shut up!!!)
im tired of this prison cell
i need to get away, they sentence me to seven years
not seven times a day
im your prison bitch
your prison bitch
you nympho-maniac(come here!)
i really hate these knockers that you tattoo'd on my back
i fought that i could break away
but now im loosing hope
and god im tired of picking up the soap

bend over prison bitch!!(oo ooh oo)
prison bitch!(doo ooh oo)
turn out the lights cause i can hardly wait
prison bitch!(doo ooh oo)
prison bitch!(doo ooh oo)
when i get out im ready to go straight!

(verse 3:)
your my prison bitch
my prison bitch
I'll never say goodbye
your not like all the others
to bad they had to die...

prison bitch:
on second thought i think ill stay if you want me to-ooo
your prison bitch is never leaving you!

at first you were my cell mate but now your my soul mate
come here come here baby!!come here!
(bitch:)o no not again (rrr)
now i know why they call you a "HARDENED" criminal
hang on you're about to find why they call this the pokey!!!

rodney carrington
prison bitch lyrics
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