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pop 'til you drop lyrics

Artist: lovebugs
Song: pop 'til you drop
you're just another superhero
on satellite all day
straight from the supermarket
up to the milky way
now you say super-duper
fake pleasure and fake pain
we're all your superlovers
but we don't recall your name

you're just another superzero
cocaine bought your airplay
cheap when the supersale's on
but you don't care anyway
you're travelling supersonic
drowning in champagne
we know you're superficial
you're losing your own game

pop 'til you drop
pop 'til you drop
pop baby
pop 'til you drop
pop 'til you drop

you just wannabe superfamous
sell your mother and your soul
shone like a supernova
now you suck like a black hole
you loved the super troopers
those songs that made you cry
but now you're nothing super
and you dreams become a lie

pop 'til you drop
pop 'til you drop
pop baby
pop 'til you drop
pop 'til you drop
from the basement to the top
pop 'til you drop lyrics
by lovebugs lyrics
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