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part iv: morning in may lyrics

Artist: ludo
Song: part iv: morning in may
Your socks on the wood floor
The moment I'd hoped for
I'm terrified to think you might be real

I curl up behind you
Fit my body to yours like a shell
I smell your hair, oh love, I can't believe you.
I squeeze you
To make sure you're really here
And I'm overwhelmed.

I've been waiting for so long
To touch you and sleep in your eyes
And now, as my heart's beating so hard,
I hold on
And keep you at home in my arms.

They tried to console me
But you're all the consolation I ever needed.
Years of smelling the clothes you left behind,
The photographs that seemed so far away.
I don't need them now - you turn to me alive, awake, and blinking. "Baby,
Back so soon?" you ask, but I smile, 'cause I never left at all


You check the clock, it's time to go.
You grab your keys and you're out the door
I step outside and you're waving goodbye.
It's all happening again like before.
As you're starting the car and I'm tearing inside,
I knock on your window. You stop just in time.
Around to the other side,
I say,
I thought I'd come along for the ride."

I've been waiting for so long
(Time slows, and I take your hand)
To touch you and sleep in your eyes.
(I hold you as we lose control)
Together, our hearts beating so hard.
Hold on.
Baby, we're almost home...
part iv: morning in may lyrics
by ludo lyrics
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