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one boy girl lyrics

kylie minogue
Artist: kylie minogue
Song: one boy girl
Album: Rhythm Of Love
Year: 1992
Some girls say in their world
They couldn't bear to have just him
But I don't need a load of guys
To pump up my self esteem
Girl what you doin' with just one guy
Givin' all my lovin'
What you gonna do when there's lipstick on his collar, ooh
You're gonna get old before your time
You can tell me nothing 'bout this man of mine
No other love could ever compare to my lover
I'm a one boy, one boy girl
No other touch could mean half as much as my lover
You know I'm a one boy girl
Some guys never realise what girls needs from a man
But my guy always satisfies, it's a love we understand
So do you wanna go out and play
I'm sorry but I'm busy
What if you call and there isn't any answer, ooh
You're gonna find him gone one day
He'll always be with me no matter what you say
No other kiss is one that I miss like my lover
I'm a one boy, one boy girl
No other man can love like he can, he's my lover
You know I'm a one boy girl
Hey you Kylie. . .Mmm hmmm
What's up with this one boy girl thing. . .well
Let me break it down like this. . .yeah, right
It doesn't pay to stay or be good
You know how guys are I don't think he could
Be with just one and what if he cheats ya
Girl just have fun go out and meet ya
Two or three more. . .I don't think so
You should see more. . .no, I don't think so
How could you be sure. . .I believe him
You're in for heartbreak you don't need him
What if he hurts you. . .he won't do that
Are you sure. . .yeah that's a fact
There's lots of guys in this world
Not for me I'm a one boy girl
kylie minogue
one boy girl lyrics
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