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on yo azz lyrics

Artist: chamillionaire
Song: on yo azz
Album: The Mix Tape Messiah
Year: 2005
Get them Southside niggaz on yo azz (on yo azz)

Get them Eastside niggaz on yo azz (on yo azz)

Get them Westside niggaz on yo azz (on yo azz)

Get them Northside niggaz on yo azz (on yo azz)

Oh we them real muthafucker's, real muthafucker's, real (what you gon' do?)

Real muthafucker's, real muthafucker's (what you gon' do?)

We some real muthafucker's, real muthafucker's, real (what you gon' do?)

Real muthafucker's, real muthafucker's



This is the day that they dreaded, they say Chamillion don't let it

get you upset, I'm upset if you needin' peace, you can forget it

Go tell them the villian is comin', they know I'm the realest that run it

Color Change guerillas gon' run it, you gimmick niggaz better punt it

Now it's too late, you don' done it, no stingy label can rape me

Let's see how fast you reply since you thought I was gettin' lazy

The hood don' told me you shady, but you don't know it yet baby

They told me everything about you, even know the name of yo lady

Ay didn't ya girl go to J.V., guess what I went there too baby

If you thinkin' I can't expose yo ass worse then this then you crazy

Yo own hood don't even like you, they like Chamillionaire, it's gravy

Niggaz like Rock-A-Bye baby, cockin' .380's on the daily

Yo best bet is to obey me, ain't gotta call the hood baby

My heater heavy I feel 'bout 50 pounds more then I weight see

feminine niggaz don't make me, since you don't make me, can't break me

My crib $250,000 I'm livin' in housin' in Katy

I got Surveillance in maitenence, thought you was makin' lil statements

Showin' yo crib like you ballin' big, I was killin' em' with patience

Them pussy niggaz can't face him, they wanna erase him like Jason

But now they shakin' and pacing, like how the hell we gon' face him

I can't believe that you doubted me, while you was talkin' down on me

You ain't realize the people that you was around was all down with me

But I won't say no names, no trace of snitchin' inside of me

But I live by the G-Code, and you don't live by the boundaries

-Get Him!
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