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Nothing Like L.A. lyrics

ice cube
Artist: Ice Cube
Song: Nothing Like L.A.
Album: I Am the West
Year: 2010

I can show you the palms and bawls to the taj mahal to the strips in m.i.a.
I can show you the waterfalls in Spain and Progue to the beach in central bay.
i can show you the world girl the world girl there aint nothin else like LA
i can show you the world girl the world girl there aint nothin else like LA.


when they come to LA they got the wrong impression
when they come to LA they got to learn they lesson
when they come to west coast its such an obsession
when they come to play it out im just an exception
when they come to you girl i need your affection
everytime you walk by you get my inspection
and all you gotta do now is make your selection
and it wont be hard to win the selection



I done been around the world, I ain't impressed
I can't wait til we hit LAX
Tokyo is cool, yeah I feel the UK
But can't nothin fuck with Californ-i-a
Especially LA, I'm feelin the Bay
But nothing like rollin down PCH

Top down, west bound, it's all good
You don't go Hollywood when you from Hollygood
Let's go to the hood and fuck with the haters
Then the the Staples Center hang with the Lakers
Number 6 is good, but 24's the champ
And even Dwyane and Chris Bosh know that


[Verse 3:]
The BET awards And Even The Grammies
They Always Pick LA Over Miami
I Love Miami I Ain't Dissing Miami
But Where Would You Rather Get Ride For Your Grammy?
Ain't Nothing Like Sunset Boulevard
Compton And Watts If You Wanna Be Hard
We Got It All What You Thought Not At All
If You Sick Of This Shit Take A Tylenol
It's Just Me And My Woman Versus all Ya'll
And We Taking A Bow For Our Curtain Call
The Angels Are Lost They Don't Wanna Be Found
If God Is Looking For Them I Can Show Him Around

ice cube
Nothing Like L.A. lyrics
by ice cube lyrics
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