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mr. scarface: part iii the final chapter lyrics

Artist: scarface
Song: mr. scarface: part iii the final chapter
Album: The World Is Yours
Year: 1993
(All I have in this world) --> Tony 'Scarface' Montana [ continues through intro ] Hey Shit Yeah nigga, that's That - that - that This - this is some - ehm What we gon' call this one here? Fuck it Let's call it - ehm Some - some Some old school Scarface freestylin Yeah Youknowmsayin? Aaaaah shit! I'm finna freestyle in this bitch He-yeah Huh youknowmsayin? Check it out [ VERSE 1 ] I started small time, dope game, cocaine Pushin rocks on the block, I'm never broke, mayn But now I'm up against some mo' shit Because the five-o's done jumped in my face with some hoe shit Tried to mix a nigga up in a homicide Said I shot a muthafucka in his mama's ride I ain't the nigga in the trench coat I don't push rocks on the block, I deal the big dope I ain't the nigga on the mic that done said he quit But I be damned if I get popped for some petty shit That's why I move the real chickens So if I'm goin down, I'm comin home on a meal ticket Do your dirt on the cool, so they can't say they saw shit Cause in this game you can't bar shit You can tell em hoes to hit the freeway Cause I ain't touchin shit with my own hands So when them muthafuckas step up with that he-say And count my money when they push it off I leave the dirt to be done by the next man I wonder if the dope game is still bein good to y'all Cause in the past four years, yo I done clocked more cash sellin dope than them white folks That's the reason why they upset And always tryin to mix a nigga up in some fuck shit But I'm a killer comin atcha Mr. Scarface Part III, nigga, The Final Chapter He-he-he Just freestylin in the studio, though Where is Scarface? Where is Scarface? (Here I am Here I am) (I don't - How much do you make, Sir? Man, what the fuck is you talkin bout how much I make?!) (Fuck you!) Ha-ha-ha.. [ VERSE 2 ] I'm in the South Park, peepin out the territory So I'm rentin out the backside Finna set up shop just like in every story And let them niggas do they work, and me, I'm kickin back, right? And layin low in the next section Got a fully automatic M-11 for my protection Everything is goin smooth as planned I gots to try to fool the man Cause if I'm caught, I'm doin 10 flat So I'm gettin it while the gettin's good, nigga, fuck that Cause if I fall short, nigga, then I'm ass out And then we'll see what the judge try to pass out I see some niggas we competin with It's goin down tonight in the village, and I can see this shit So I'm on the telephone callin up the squad "Get your shit together, nigga, we finna mob" Before I hung up the phone, niggas was lettin loose I grabbed my shit and tried to find my bullet-proof But fuck it, niggas, ain't goin for the chit-chat So if I gotta die, then I gotta die, nigga They startin off with a headshot And when I fall on my ass, don't ask me why, nigga Fuck it - plus a bullet hit me It was just my time and the man came to get me A straight niggaroe subtractor Mr. Scarface Part III, muthafucka, The Final Chapter The final chapter for real (All I have in this world..) Yep I gotta - ehm He-he Shit, I guess I better talk about a broad then, huh? Before I close this muthafucka off, right? Check it out [ VERSE 3 ] Later on, all alone, sat around the house layin low Waitin for these niggas to jump so I can buck a hoe And just like I expected A bitch came by in a gee wantin to get naked Now shit's gettin hectic The situation's lookin grim, so yo, I gots to check it Clean those traps, all the other shit I'm fuckin one hoe, and in comes another bitch So now I'm jackbonin two hoes Who's the nigga in the Kamurshol? Fuck, nigga, who knows? She musta knew the bitch that I was fuckin with And plus I'm strapped and she was suckin dick Up and down with a smooth stroke Takin 9 inches of this dick like a deep throat Oh shit - now I'm ejaculatin The other bitch was involved in masturbation I let loose and they was fightin for the white shit I got a rubber tryin to make my pipe fit The bitch pulled a .330 and shoved it up my back I finally made the cock crack Then some niggas came out with a chainsaw And tried to hack my muthafuckin brains off These bitches set me up, y'all Pussy - a nigga's quickest downfall I couldn't do shit except take it like a man But if I live, it's on again But I wanted a quick piece So I put down my piece and end up put down, deceased She put the rifle to my muthafuckin head Mr. Scarface is - naw, fuck that shit.. Ah-ha-ha Youknowmsayin? Punch the beat in
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