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mama raised me lyrics

master p
Artist: master p
Song: mama raised me
((Posted by:
Daddy wasn't home so momma raised me
I'm a thug but still momma baby
(I love my momma)
[Master P]
I live my life as a thug, roll with some killers
Slang crack with some dope fiends ride with some drug dealers
Find me in the 3rd Ward pulling all nighters
Keep a tech 9 cocked for any nigga that don't like me
Throw up your soldier rag if you rowdy
I represent a million mothafuckas that's bout it
Momma could've told my destiny as a street thug
Find me in the Range Rover buying, selling street drugs
Even though this ghetto got me crazy
Everytime I go to jail momma get me out cause I'm her baby
[Chorus x2]
I'm a gangster located in the alleys of Cali
Shoot dice with killers and smoke with the dealers
You can't tell me shit about them streets homie
I done seen it and done it and lived the real from the phonies
Out for this money, homies maintain they composure
Since kids on the corner selling dope by the boulders
Now I'm a school a mothafucka for the chips when I dips
The trips for GP straight for DP
Flip the script its a trip how my momma raised me
Pops wasn't home left us all alone
Wasn't no thang cause my momma got game
She showed me everything except how to be a man
I understand for all the streets and the jail time I caught
The pain I brought, that wasn't what you taught
Its probably pops fault how I ended up
Gangbanging crack slanging not giving a fuck
2 strikes in my life, a nigga fed up
Momma say don't let up and baby boy keep yo head up
Chorus: Repeat 2X
[Soulja Slim]
Now picture me a ghetto child running wild
Maybe if alot of niggaz had father figures
the world wouldn't be like it is now
I made mom proud, when you mention me she smile
It feels good buying moms a car and a house
And my pa been locked up for 10 years
Life was a struggle, moms shed so many tears
That's my baby got nothing that I love so much
The only one can hurt my feelings when she fuss
Momma I love ya cause you brought me here
But niggas starting to hate and its getting dark in here
But I remember what you told me
And do what you showed me to take it slowly
[Chorus x4]
master p
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