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love hurts lyrics

Artist: babyface
Song: love hurts
Written by babyface (1997)
Performed by jon b.

Sometimes love can feel like
The closest thing to heaven
And sometimes love can feel like
You've been run over by a car
Yes it can

It's the strangest thing I know
Make you feel warm when you feel cold
And if you down on happiness
You better get used to the taste of sadness
'cause love can sure hurt sometimes

Love hurts and it don't
Love don't always work
Love ain't all it seems
It feels good but it stings
Love hurts and it don't

Some people will tell you
It's the best thing for the heart
Yes what they fail to tell ya
It can tear your life apart
But you know

It's as sweet as summer rain
But it can hit you like a train
Fill your heart with pain
Fill your heart with pain
Ooh everybody sing, everybody sing


When you know that you're alive
'cause you feel so much
When you feel you can't survive
But you make it anyway
When it feels too good to stop
But it hurts too much to stay
Then you know, yes you know
You gotta know love hurts
It hurts and it don't

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