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long blonde animal lyrics

golden earring
Artist: golden earring
Song: long blonde animal
Album: Prisoner Of The Night
Year: 1980
Get out of my parlor, won't you
Get out of my life
Put on that crazy raincoat
You're gonna need it tonight
Get out of my parlor
Fore I cut you with a knife
Don't want your disease
Don't need your silly jive

I was an innocent bystander
I was middle of the road man for you
Then you took me for a ride, now baby
Showed me all the things you could do
I always listen to
The good-looking lady
A mistake I won't make no more
'Cause you might be
A good-looking lady
You're rotten to the core

I've been under your influence
Under your spell too long
Now people keep me at a distance
Everything I do is wrong
My brain's disintigrating
Devil's singing my song
This cannot continue
This cannot go on


You're nothing but a
Long blond animal
golden earring
long blonde animal lyrics
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golden earring
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