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keep up the speed lyrics

sahara hotnights
Artist: sahara hotnights
Song: keep up the speed
It's alright, it's a blast but they're holding us down
Start it up, try to move without making a sound
It's okay, do you want me to make up your mind?
Guess it is kind of hard to know what we'll find
Straightaway, we're heading for trouble today

Hey, we can do it again if you like
And repeat it again a few times
We can keep up the speed 'til we die
Fired up, it's a smash and we're aiming to score
Carry on 'cos we're always coming for more

Put our heads together, start a blinding raid
Wanna break the record, find another way
Get up going now 'cos we're starting off today
Gonna try our best and we might succeed

Working for a change spread another disease
A little more time is all we ever need
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Looking out, watch our backs and we'll keep out of sight
Gonna try to find out what the fuzz is about
sahara hotnights
keep up the speed lyrics
by sahara hotnights lyrics
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