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eyes of a killer lyrics

master p
Artist: master p
Song: eyes of a killer
Posted on the block getting paid with the locs up
everybody in the hood just as smoked up
so I just walk with my locs on, and get my motherfucking
set get it going on, in other words I see a fiend in the
motherfucking park, you know im serving em in the dark
but I dont cause I pack a fuvking dis 9, you know the
god damn turf is all mine sometime niggaz hall in the streets
but I dont run from the po po police
I got fiends in the back instead of the front, Im selling
20's and dimes and even crum and motherfuckers better low
cause I gotta get it, I got a 9 motherfuckers so deal with it
and get a beat from a fiend everytime I wear a bulletproof
vest so nigga go up in it, and I dont give a fuck
if niggaz cant stand me, Im on the turf motherfucker
selling candy

I got candy, crack cocaine,
Hold them thangs in my hand cause I'm the dope dope man
I got candy, crack cocaine,
Hold them thangs in my hand cause I'm the dope dope man

I see tweakers when I walk chase a nigga through the park,
grab my fucking 9 and keep them dope fiends in line

*Chorus til' end*
master p
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