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enhanced by the lore lyrics

Artist: kataklysm
Song: enhanced by the lore
[Act II - Scholarship ordained]

Heal thy Wounds...
... Son of Lord.
Lore at will...
... Heal One's will...
Acts of malice, profoundly in his behavior.
Hazes of abhorrence, blurredly onto his halo.
... May the Pool from thy Green Wards stream
forth onto thy Plain.
... May the Tones from thy Fluorescent Beam echo
back within thy
And thy Roots... Regenerate.
And thy Disk... Rebuilt.
Let the liquid of Verity vitialized thy Old Venom...
... And thus the Ardent Blood personifies thy
Regulating this Character's Course of Action
Called for...
Recharge his Ladder of Self-Change.
Crystallize and compel thy Companion.

Enhanced by the Lore...
I apply thy Treatment to sanction his Success...
Essence marked in the healing Chant shall
reestablish Order.
Oh! May the Wards strike the remnant Vermin...

From thy Behalf:
Look upon the Plain in your life,
And Say... I will to will Thy will...
Enhanced with the Lore...
I command thy Balance to derive his Reason...
Essence marked in the healing Chant shall
partake Willpower.
Oh! May the Tones shatter the vile Origins...
From thy Higher Self:
Look at your Halo in verge of prosperity,
And murmur to the Lord... I will to will Thy willl...
I will to will Thy will...
Lore... Lore... Lore...
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