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dirty money lyrics

Artist: scarface
Song: dirty money
Album: Balls and My Word
Year: 2003
Nigga, dirty money

[Tanya Herron]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Dirty, fo sho
It's your downfall

[Tanya Herron]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Hopeless again, and the more I stick around the shit get more fucked up
That's why I'm back on Holloway gettin' fucked up
Thinkin' back on how it used to be when it was all good
We wasn't trippin', this was our hood
I had your motherfuckin back
And when it was time to go to war, it was like "where these niggaz at?"
Fuck rackets, we ain't never been the type to hold out
Or, let a motherfucker show out
No doubt, we put it down for the 9-0-triple 4
Droppin tops, fuckin fine hoes
These other niggaz is finally catching up
Listening to rappers ballin and gettin touched
Wasup? You done forgot about the street rules, splurgin
Is you a motherfucking fool?
Money ain't a thing to a nigga out here rappin
But to a nigga out there cappin?
That's they downfall

[Chorus: Tanya Herron}
Dir-tayyyyy, yeah
Dirty money
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Dirty money
Dir-tayyyyyyy, yeah
Dirty money
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Dirty Money

Now the whole neighborhood silent
Got the fed-e-rals hangin (Shhhh)
While these young niggaz steady sangin
I need a motherfuckin law-uh-yer (Why's that?)
I'm in a state of paranoia
How many niggaz in the six-by-six
Fin' to get, some time behind some loud mouth bitch
Fin' to snitch, trapping niggaz up in they downfalls
Taping motherfuckers phone calls
Ay, I've been in this shit for two deep
From moving ki's, pushing weight was too sweet
An 8-ball will cost you 75 (Dirt cheap)
Back in the game that shit was live
And all you had to do to survive was get a whole click
Of niggaz, down with they business and stack chips
Savin up for hard times
Do the time when you do the crime
You niggaz tryin to ? your downfall


[Voice with effects]
Nothing lasts forever but love
Money comes and goes
But for those ?? it surely goes

You rollin over in the joint, trying to get your time dropped
Puttin niggaz up forever, cause you did the crime hop
Turned fed, and know they got indictments for real
Runnin in niggaz houses, niggaz fighting appeals
Offering 50 years to innocent motherfuckers
All because of the game, niggaz run outta hustle
Feds be showin pictures, you got to give 'em somethin
Time make a nigga forget it and start bumping
And saying shit, jeopardizing the whole thang
Niggaz run out of freedom, niggaz start to sang (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Laughing in your face, chuckle and produce
Avoid they conversation, them niggaz the dudes, fool


[Outro - spoken as Chorus repeats]
Thing is, when a motherfucker is doing dirt
Don't come moving it, ya know what I mean
Ya know, that won't get you no Rolls Royces and shit like mine baby
Your money dirty, wash your shit
Them motherfuckers out here, yeah

"dirty money" [scratched to end]
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