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buddy joe lyrics

golden earring
Artist: golden earring
Song: buddy joe
Album: Together
Year: 1972
Let me tell you about Buddy Joe
when he came down from Mexico
with his pockets full of gold
with his pockets full of gold.
Have you something to declare
are you sure there's nothing there
and if there is don't say
you have not been told
not been told.

Buddy Joe
what have they done with the gold.
Buddy Joe
what have they done with the gold.
What have they done with the gold

don't really know.

Well Buddy Joe searched all his life
through Mexico all the river-sides
not for the money but for the gold
he needs to hold
Buddy Joe proud as he was
could not stand all the fuss
when they got to all his gold
he was ready to go
he was ready to go.

Buddy Joe...

You'll understand he didn't stand a chance
ev'rybody was shouting commands
when Buddy Joe split in a hurry
soon he was ready to be buried.

Buddy Joe...
golden earring
buddy joe lyrics
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