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78666 lyrics

blue october
Artist: blue october
Song: 78666
i strap my sneakers on and sneak into the garage
today I’m relaxin gotta get my scooter on
I’m gonna roll away, I’m gonna hit the day
I’m gonna scoot away my troubles on my scooter yay

i call my brothers from the mutha fuckin area
they gonna meet me at the corner scooters glaring yall
were taken corners at 50 miles an H
we ride as far as just a gallon’s gonna take us today, say

78 triple 6
78 triple 6
78 triple 6
what you ridin for?
scooter mafia

let me tell ya how I’m feelin when I’m high on my bike
I’m rollin peaceful thru the city got her purrin tonight
you wanna ride with me
you wanna slide with me
you wanna get up on my scooter to the sky with me
we’re ridin late night formation real tight
you think your scooter has a bark well check my scooter bite
we keep it low down, and stop at showdown
$#% &#$# %&#$* $#&%!!

78 triple 6
78 triple 6
78 triple 6
What you ridin for?
scooter mafia
blue october
78666 lyrics
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